LP Cover + Shirt — Art-Direction | Design | Typography | Layout

Donald’s House is a duo from the ever prevalent music world of Melbourne. They are an all encompassing electronic act, who emit an intoxicating + interplanetary sound.The album (adequately titled ‘The Final Front Ear’) evokes a colourful, calming but also wildly energetic theme throughout.

The artwork was inspired by three separate eras/persons — Japanese synth professor; Hiroshi Yoshimura from the 70’s, The general arcade, videogame—sounds of the 80’s + Happy Mondays’ album ‘Pills, Thrills + Bellyaches’ from the 90’s.

These references became a visual amalgamation, creating a fresh level of typographic—neo—psychedelia.

The duo were asked by Everpress to have their shirt campaigned with the merchandise entrepreneurs.

Link soon to come.